Pangella Chronicles

Session 1- Whatever Happened To Numeshay?

Your friend and former adventuring companion, Llyria, has returned from the Feywild with a task appointed to her by her father. She asked you to meet her in the town of Loudwater, in which you arrived late last night. Settling down for the night with mulled wine and cold ale, she relayed her task to you.

A few miles outside of town, deep in the surrounding forest lays the tower of the elven wizard Numeshay. According to Llyria’s father, once about every five years or so, the old wizard makes a brief trip to the Feywild-checking on his family, greeting old friends, and recruiting a new batch of apprentices, mostly from high eladrin or elven houses. It has been seven years now, since his last visit and all attempts to contact him through magical means have led to naught. Llyria’s task-and by extension your task-is to travel to the mage’s tower to see what has become of him.

You set out early the next morning and after making your way through the forest for a few hours, you arrived at the tower’s location. Things did not bode well. Despite the fact that it was a bright sunny day, a shiver coursed down your back as you emerged into the clearing. There seemed to be an eerie, unnatural silence all around you. No birdsong, no rustling leaves, everything was quiet-dead quiet.

As for the tower itself, it was no longer standing, well, the base was left standing. From what you could see, it seemed pretty obvious that the upper stories of the tower simply exploded and scattered their remains all over the entire area. The foundation and a few crumbling interior walls were all that remained standing.

As you begin to slowly pick your way towards the tower ruin, you detected a heavy animal musk on the air. Four predatory shapes emerged from the tower base and charged you. At first you thought they were wolves, they are common enough in these parts. But as they got closer, you could see by their scabrous skin and their needle-like fangs, these were no ordinary wolves, they were abattoir wolves!

You quickly dispatched these fouls beasts and then moved into the tower ruin. The destruction was not quite complete; in one corner of the tower some reinforced stone walls were still standing, enclosing one room. Upon examination, this area became recognizable for its former use: an alchemy lab by the looks of the shattered beakers, vials, and other twisted equipment that covered the floor. The reinforced walls must have shielded it from the devastation that claimed the rest of the tower.

Suddenly emerging from the debris, you were attacked by a pack of dire rats and a verrekrith demon! In the ensuing melee, Joseph was bitten and, unfortunately, infected with filth fever. Michael loosed an arrow of fire into the doorway which ignited the volatile chemicals into an explosion, damaging the demon and rats. Brugor Rockborn and Elderock both quickly scaled one of the remaining walls and hopped down into the room to engage your foes.

After the skirmish, Joseph and Llyria headed back to town, to find treatment for the filth fever, while the rest of you descended into a trap door that you found hidden among the ruins. Descending the stairs, you came upon a grisly sight: four naked human corpses, piled in the middle of the small room, each with chunks missing from the ‘meatier’ part of their bodies. It’s obvious that, some…thing, had used these for food. Then, out of the darkness, you were attacked by several swarms of needlefang drakes and a spitting drake dropped from the ceiling to join them. After the fray, you found, piled in one corner of the room, some chainmail, weapons and other mundane equipment which must have belonged to these unfortunate people, but you found nothing of any real value. A set of double doors lie to the north of the room, but you decided to stop and gather your strength before continuing on, deeper into the tower basement.


Where, oh where art thou, Numeshay??? Thy castle in ruins, thy noble features gone……!!!


Yes, I’m hoping they can discover Numeshay’s fate by late July or early August.


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