Terror Battle Axe +2

The bite of this weapon sends waves of fear through its target.

weapon (melee)

Lvl 9 / 4200 gp
Weapon: Axe, Hammer, Heavy Blade
Critical: +2d8 damage
Enhancement: +2 attack rolls and damage rolls
Property: You gain a +2 item bonus to saving throws against being immobilized or slowed.
Power(Daily, Fear): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target takes a -2 penalty to all defenses (save ends).


At the bottom of the bathing pool lays the corpse of one Darnak Sundershield, a wandering dwarven adventurer who had the extreme misfortune of stumbling into this room. The dwarf met his end between the jaws of the demonfang crocodiles, and what is left of his corpse now stews at the bottom of the pool. Most of Darnak’s gear has long since rotted away, but his enchanted battleaxe remains. The battleaxe, which Darnak called Fearstrike, is a terror battleaxe +2.

Terror Battle Axe +2

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