Pangella Background

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Pangella (pahn-GEL-la) is a corrupted form of the elven phrase, Paen gellael la or ‘Points of light.’ The world itself is an ancient place. For hundreds of millennia empires have risen and empires have crumbled, leaving few places that have not been touched by their grandeur. Ruin, time, and natural forces eventually claim all, leaving the world rich with places of adventure and mystery. Ancient civilizations and their knowledge survive on in myths, legends, and the ruins they left behind.

More recently, the world experienced an event unlike anything else it has seen since the Dawn War. Known as ‘The Sundering,’ the world was thrown into chaos. Some say its cause was the arrogance and destructive ways of the mortal races, that the gods were punishing them for their hubris. Others say it was collateral damage, from a great war in the heavens, that the elemental primordials had risen up against the gods in a 2nd Dawn War. And still others say the apocalyptic event was the result of something far more terrifying, something only whispered about in the deepest of shadows…

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Whatever the case may be, the world was changed. It was ripped apart and reformed on a titanic scale. Whole continents were lost to the sea while new ones arose from the depths. Devastating earthquakes swallowed entire cities while meteor swarms and wild magic and furious weather conditions assaulted the land, decimating the landscape and extinguishing the lives of untold millions. Magic infused some of the churning earth creating earthmotes, free-floating bits of landscape that defy gravity to hover in the sky. The world became a different place. Many roads fell into disrepair while once bustling sea ports became high and dry. Numerous vital cities became empty shells or drowned ruins. That was 137 years ago.

Today, the new world, violently conceived from the old, remains a mostly unexplored place. New trade routes are being established between the surviving cities of old and new ones that have arisen from the ashes. No single country or state has risen to any prominent position of power, their populations busy trying to rebuild their lives and protect their walls from marauding bands of monsters.

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The centers of civilization are now mere ‘points of light’ (Paen gellael la) in a dark and foreboding and unexplored world. Traveling cross-country is dangerous, and often difficult. But to the bold, to the adventurous, to those who would test their bravery and skill, venturing into the darkness between the points of light remains an exciting and lucrative endeavor.

Pangella Background

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